Overview of the Home Selling Process

Let us guide you through the home selling process. As internet experts our listings are marketed to not only agents, but directly to buyers. That combined with appraisal level research and expert negotiation results in game changing advantages for listing clients.

Successful home sellers are educated and knowledgeable about the current market. Acknowledgement of the data and preparation are key to making confident decisions and maximizing the potential of every offer. The Hank Miller Team provides expertise on the “business side” of the home selling process which allows sellers to focus on the emotional side of moving forward.

Listing clients benefit from a number of advantages like aggressively marketing not only to agents, but to buyers. The internet has changed how buyers find homes; almost half of sales are initiated by buyers finding homes, not agents. The Hank Miller Team offers multiple other benefits including:

  • Over 50 years of combined sales and appraisal experience, a full time dedicated listing agent and full support staff.
  • An appraisal level data analysis of the home, area and market trends. This is significantly more detailed than anything completed at the agent level and allows for a a very accurate pricing strategy.
  • Detailed, written reviews of every offer analyzing current data, terms of the contract and strategies to maximize profit.
  • Negotiation and contract expertise resulting from hundreds of transactions and years of experience.
  • Meet the appraiser on site with the exact forms they need, comps and other data to support the contract price.
  • Extensive experience at every ancillary aspect of a transaction including appraisals, inspections, mortgages and contracting.
  • Multi level network marketing through Harry Norman Realtors and the Hank Miller Team resources.
  • Unmatched internet marketing programs, exposure on multiple blog sites and  professional social media marketing.
  • A “hands on” approach at every step from hello to closing.

The Hank Miller Team embraces transparency and leverages it to benefit listing clients. Home buyers can find our listings just about anywhere on any type of device, individual marketing plans are tailored to work seamlessly. Responsive web sites, expert social media push marketing, featured listing status on major consumer real estate sites, direct agent marketing and more ensure that listings are in front of the right people.

Client confidence comes from knowledge and listing clients are presented with appraisal level market analysis. Far and away more detailed than a standard agent review, this analysis is prepared by an appraiser using the exact data and processes that are used by the buyer’s appraiser. This all but eliminates appraisal issues and allows for a a solid defense of list price; data can be confidently used during negotiation with buyer agents to sway the discussion in favor of the seller.

Accepting an opportunity to list a home is not taken lightly; we understand the expectation and are committed to the success of every client. Every situation is unique but the core approach of transparency, honesty and service apply in every case. Learn more about how the Hank Miller Team works and why so many home owners are raving fans. Click below and CONTACT US for a custom prepared marketing plan.

 The Hank Miller Team Advantage

We provide confidence to our clients buying and selling homes in the North Atlanta Real Estate Market. Our unmatched sales and appraisal experience, relentless drive and ability to manage transactions allow our clients to make sound, decisive real estate decisions. We offer full time, full service, personal hands on attention and concierge level service every step of the way for perhaps the most important financial decision you’ll make.

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