What’s My Home Worth?

What’s a home worth? A home is worth what a well informed buyer is willing to pay at at any given time. This is a FLUID number. There is no definitive method of establishing value as the market is the only true indicator of actual value. 

Homes are not cars, not stocks and bonds and unlike most any commodity that is bought and sold. It can be accurately said that no two homes are alike – and for that reason, estimating value can be difficult. Toss in economic conditions with buyer and seller motivations and the challenges are clear.

That said, there are standard guidelines that buyers, sellers and owners would benefit from understanding. For the most part, these are guidelines followed by real estate professionals when handling transactions and appraisals.

Most every one has heard of a “Zestimate” and almost everyone agrees – including Zillow – that their opinions are broad based. Below is a program that’s a bit more accurate as tax records are not the default; characteristics can be changed to reflect the current home. Perfect? No for the above reasons, but better than any other “auto estimate” program out there and know that using our appraisal and data mining experience we can further zero in on the most likely market value.

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