Here’s How to File for the Homestead Property Tax Exemption in Georgia

Here’s how to file for the homestead property tax exemption in Georgia. If you purchased a home in 2019 and are using it as your primary residence, you should file and save money. This applies only to your primary residence and you must apply for this exemption – it is not automatic. The deadline to file for homestead exemption in most Georgia counties is April 1, 2020. 

The homestead exemption provides the home owner a reduced taxable property value provided that:

1) The home is occupied by the homeowner on January 1, 2020 and
2) The homeowner applies for the homestead exemption in the county where the property is located.

Click on these links to visit the specific county:


Estimates are that 70% of homes are over-assessed across the Atlanta area, you might be over assessed and paying more tax than comparable properties. The assessor’s offices in many areas (both county and city) are woefully inadequate for a variety of reasons. This issue hit the fan in spectacular fashion when Fulton County bumped some owner assessments by 50% in one shot during 2017.  Owners can and should check their assessment; it may be unrealistically high. We work with owners that contest assessments; providing everything from desk top data reviews and support to full appraisals. This material is required to successfully reduced assessments; the county does anything they can to confuse the issue but when presented with current and appropriate data they typically relent. Campbell and Brannon will handle all aspects of the appeal for a nominal cost, note that once adjusted the reduced assessment stands for three years. There is no reason not at least check the assessed value, don’t pay more tax than you should! The window to appeal is narrow – property owners must appeal their valuation by April 1 of each year or within 45 days of receiving a Notice of Assessment from the Tax Assessor.

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