An Easy Way to Spot Uneven Floors

Inspectors are a key part of the buying equation, a marble is as well. An easy way to spot uneven floors is by using a simple marble; roll it around and you’ll quickly see if the floors are level. It’s rare that every floor will be level, particularly in an older home on a basement or crawlspace. Wood joists twist and check, they have a “crown” and framers sometimes don’t set them properly. Sub floors may become loose from the joists if not properly fastened; the same for the finished floor.

This short video shows a couple of very common issues:

Uneven floors do not necessarily mean structural issues. They do however; deserve additional investigation for peace of mind.

There’s much less to go wrong with homes on a slab foundation, well on the first floor anyway. The second level is subject to the same variables above, treat them the same way. Slabs are not always level; best practice is to confirm this and “float” the slab as needed. This eliminates the gaps once the floor is laid over the top. Glued floors will adhere firmly and floating floors will be quieter without the chronic hollow sound present in so many homes.

Uneven floors can be a result of any number of things, some more serious than others. It’s best to use a professional agent and inspector if you’re in the market, there is no substitute for experience. Never, EVER, forget that GA is a “buyer beware” state, and don’t rely on seller’s disclosures…

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