Does Your Home Capture a Buyer’s Attention?

We’re an impatient bunch these days, we want what we want and we want it now. Real estate has been transformed by the internet and mobile devices; home buyers swipe through homes as fast as those cruising dating sites. In seconds, a listing will be trashed and forgotten if it doesn’t capture a buyer’s attention. Does your home capture a buyer’s attention?

Act like a buyer and objectively consider how your home looks to them. Does it “grab” you when you see it on line…is it on line? Is there a compelling factor to make a buyer ask for more information? Is there an “ahhh” aspect to how the home appears to buyers? If you’re currently listed, have you looked at the home? Tested the response time of the agent?

Find your home on line. Where is it, what does it look like, will it motivate a buyer? Cell phone pix or professionally done? Does the listing agent respond rapidly to inquires, respond at all? Did you test them?

Most real estate agents are not professionals; they do not work in the business full time and do not earn a living from it. There are also “discount” firms that will “list for less” but the “less” is often the most important part of the process. Poor presentation, poor exposure across the internet and a dull narrative (or not one at all) are often the tradeoff; a very costly one.

Photos are the single most compelling part of any listing; marketing studies are clear about that. If the photos are of poor quality, poorly composed and largely useless then what is the compulsion to dive deeper? A cell phone is not a camera; your friend pretend Agent Timmy is not going to be able to use his phone instead of a professional photographer and achieve the same results.

Along with photos and media, a narrative describing what makes your home special is great bait for buyers. A buyer wants to know as much as possible in as short a time as practical; they are looking at your home for a reason. Are you giving them a reason to keep looking or is the narrative whatever is allocated in the MLS listing? Wonderful home, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, basement, 2 car garage, fenced yard, fireplace….wake me when it’s over. Next.

If your listing cannot be easily found across all spectrums of the internet, then even the best photos and narratives won’t matter. Public sites feed off the MLS and they will post the MLS data. Does your agent have the upgraded versions that allow 40-50 pictures? Videos? Detailed narratives with external links for even more information? Have they incorporated drone pictures and videos? What is their social media presence, is your listing “push marketed” to the most likely buyers? Did you ask the listing agent these questions?

The last and possibly most important factor is the listing agent; are they readily accessible? When your buyer hits the “email me” button or shoots off a text, will they answer? If so, when? Right away or three days later when the buyer has moved on? When the buyer calls do they hear “…calls received after 5pm will be returned after 9 on the next business day”? If so, bye. Real estate is a 24/7 business and a professional agent understands that and understands that they are responsible for your success.

We’re full time professionals…treat this like the business transaction that it is. Learn how we ensure the best possible results for our sellers.

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