The Cost of Living Around the Atlanta Area

The cost of living around the Atlanta area varies of course depending on a number of factors. Here’s a site that allows you to set a number of variables and select any of the surrounding local markets. Income levels can be set, family size, home size and even home size. Or you can select any of many presets for household type.

Here’s a sample for a dual income married couple with four kids making 120K annually. They live in a 2400 SF home and have a “moderate” cost food plan; I guess that means they don’t eat out every day. Note as well that housing is for rental only; I think that’s for simplicity but it’s an OK general barometer.

Looking at the Metro Atlanta Market, we see a good representation showing the cost of living in the different areas. As noted on the map, green is good and red not so much. Seeing shades of red that far east and northeast is odd…this snip shows that the north Roswell – south Alpharetta area along 400  leaves some jingle in the pocket for our fictitious family.

Living in East Cobb, the stats look OK for our folks…

And in the north end of Milton, our family is operating under a deficit. We bumped up the size of the home and it really hits the wallet…

And welcome to Brookhaven. Here we have the 2400SF house size back but we removed two of the four kids…and still getting hammered. Estimates are $5,600 a month for housing.

Obviously this is a broad guide, but it’s handy to get a general idea of the cost of living around the Atlanta area. Check current homes prices and trends for 20 different real estate markets in and around Atlanta. These are updated quarterly and a great spot to check for the latest, focused information.

This site can be seen HERE, the Atlanta area as well as most other areas around the country are available.

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