Why Demanding the Best Real Estate Agent Matters

Almost all of what the real estate industry spits out is marketing nonsense; counterproductive for both the public and true professional agents. We found something that’s not and it is worth ten minutes of your time. Half of agents do not sell a home a  year and 85% of agents cannot live on their earnings, yet these agents hang around. This white board video details how to spot agents that bring headaches and reviews the usual “pitches” that get you to sign on the dotted line – a decision often soon regretted. It is up to buyers and sellers to demand the best from agents, change will not come from the industry and must come from outside.

The National Association of Expert Advisors put this video together and they did a great job on it. For those considering selling a home, there are a number of points to consider. And what they say in here about agent competence, experience and company reputation – is spot on.

If a home has been for sale to this point in 2015 and not sold, the question of why has to be asked? The market has been overheated and properly priced and exposed homes have sold, most very quickly. We have repeatedly cautioned, “Hey Sellers, You are Not Smarter than the Market”. A 2 minute white board video touches on several self inflicted mistakes many sellers make.

Home buyers chasing homes in this market can often find themselves a step or two behind the pack, missing listings entirely or constantly losing multiple offer situations. Almost every problem has to do with….an ineffective agent. “Hey Homebuyer, What do You Know?” touches on 7 fundamental issues every buyer’s agent and home buyer must be proficient at….in about a minute.

And if you’re in a white board mood – or even if not, if you’re planning to either buy or sell a home – then watch our most popular whiteboard video title “How do you Find a Real Estate Agent”. Seven simple questions that if you ask, will keep you out of trouble.

Buying or selling home is no longer a simple process. Since the crash, the process has become much more complex, difficult to manage and stressful for all concerned. It’s clear that the real estate industry has no plans to increase the requirements to hold a license, that means it’s up to the public to work with professionals. Real estate isn’t rocket science but when things go wrong, the rocket blows up in spectacular, usually financially troublesome, fashion.


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