Don’t Smoke in Bed – an Atlanta Foreclosure Video

This Atlanta foreclosure appears to have been impacted by a fire in the front unit (in this video) and it likely started in the bed. On top of that is a major black mold issue and significant deterioration of several walls and framing members. Home buyers in Atlanta that think foreclosures are such a fantastic bargain are generally misguided; multiple offers, highest and best contracts and over list price sales are common.

The takeaway is simple: do not walk into any real estate transaction without first doing your homework. This is especially true when selecting an Atlanta real estate agent and a mortgage broker. If you fail to do proper and extensive due diligence when selecting your representation, you will pay the price. Don’t be a deer in the headlights.

If you’re considering a foreclosure, EMAIL US as there are not only potential issues with the home, there could be with the area. Foreclosures must be kept in perspective; most buyers are better off avoiding them.

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