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Does Your Home Capture a Buyer’s Attention?

We’re an impatient bunch these days, we want what we want and we want it now. Real estate has been transformed by the internet and mobile devices; home buyers swipe through homes as fast as those cruising dating sites. In seconds, a listing will be trashed and forgotten if it doesn’t capture a buyer’s attention. […]

Value in Use Matters Most When Buying a Home

Value in use matters most when buying a home; if the home fails to meet your requirements then why would you purchase it? With real estate, “value in use” is different than the generic term of “value” and doing a deep dive into the pencil necked geek side of things isn’t necessary, but let’s hit […]

Does a Bedroom Require a Closet?

Does a bedroom require a closet? Does it require a window? Along with issues and questions regarding square footage (living area) of homes, room count and room designations are other “hot topics”. Agents often work listings to make them as attractive as possible to a potential buyer – which is what they should do. However, there’s […]