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The Strength of the North Atlanta Housing Market Summarized in 5 Charts

What pandemic? The strength of the north metro Atlanta housing market is summarized in 5 charts. These are a graphic representation of what we already know; the housing market could not care less about the pandemic. The military’s “7Ps” directly applies for both sides. Buyers must be ready to act immediately when opportunity presents itself, […]

know about real estate appraisals

Key Things to Know About Real Estate Appraisals

There are key things to know about real estate appraisals which will help both buyer and seller better understand the process. Appraisers analyze and report real estate data. They render an impartial, third party opinion of the market value of a home. They do not represent the home buyer, they represent the interest of the buyer’s […]

emotion can ruin a home sale

Emotion Can Ruin a Home Sale

Unchecked, emotion can ruin a home sale. Buying or selling a home is a business transaction, often the largest financial transaction someone makes. Of course for both parties, emotion is a major factor. Buyers must like the home they purchase and connect with it. Sellers must deal with a steady stream of people judging their […]