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Home Buyers are Being Recorded by Hidden Video Cameras

You are being watched. At least that’s what every home buyer should assume as they walk through homes that are on the market. With the explosion of video recording devices like Ring door bells and spot lights, nanny-cams are old news. Assume that everything that you say and do is being recorded. And that of […]

Southern Architecture

Glimpses of the South – Homes, Architecture and Southern Living

Do you love the south? Southern living, what’s not to love? A perfect backdrop for photographers, the south leads us romantic cities, stunning architecture, and enchanting homes. Those that live here want to stay and those that don’t wish they did. Glimpses of the South is the Hank Miller Team’s Instagram account run by our […]

The Turbulent Atlanta Spring Real Estate Market Arrives Early

The turbulent Atlanta spring real estate market arrived early. We expected a tumultuous spring ’18 market, we’ve not been disappointed. Time has condensed; what we expected to happen over the first six months has started early and is moving faster than expected. The impetus for this – strong economy, volatile stock market, fears of inflation […]