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Hank Miller Team

My Zestimate is Wrong

My Zestimate is wrong, my Zestimate is keeping my house from selling, my Zestimate doesn’t show my house the right way….it’s always something with the “Zestimate”. One thing it usually isn’t is “my Zestimate is too high”. We posted an Atlanta area update on this back in early 2016, time to look at the 12/2017 […]

What Motivated Home Buyers in the Last Year?

What motivated home buyers from mid ’16 to mid ’17? Well according to this study, the desire to own a home remains strong and “multi-generational” concerns have become noteworthy. That really isn’t a surprise as the cost of elder health care is devastating families and “boomerang” kids continue to be seen. This info is from […]

Does Your Home Capture a Buyer’s Attention?

We’re an impatient bunch these days, we want what we want and we want it now. Real estate has been transformed by the internet and mobile devices; home buyers swipe through homes as fast as those cruising dating sites. In seconds, a listing will be trashed and forgotten if it doesn’t capture a buyer’s attention. […]