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How Are Property Line and Survey Problems Resolved?

Property line and survey problems are sometimes discovered during home closings. How they are handled is unique to the situation but most are fairly simple to address. Simple, as long as all involved are open to resolution and the process is executed correctly. Attorney Christian Ross of Campbell and Brannon sums it up in a […]

What is the Due Diligence Period?

What is the due diligence period? It’s arguably the single most important part of a home sale. Of course everything matters but the due diligence period is essentially an “option period” for the buyer, the time where all of the critical research is to be completed. The buyer has virtually total control during this period. […]

Here’s How to File for the Homestead Property Tax Exemption in Georgia

Here’s how to file for the homestead property tax exemption in Georgia. If you purchased a home in 2019 and are using it as your primary residence, you should file and save money. This applies only to your primary residence and you must apply for this exemption – it is not automatic. The deadline to […]