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Real Estate Appraisal Challenges Due to the Pandemic

Real estate appraisal challenges due to the pandemic are increasing. Buyers, sellers and especially real estate agents need to understand how the appraisal industry is adjusting during the pandemic. Being both an active associate broker and certified appraiser, I see this from both sides; as an agent working with appraisers and as an appraiser working […]

The Problems with New Home Construction

The problems with new home construction are laid bare in a recent industry study. It’s not pretty; a 4 year study by LJP Construction Services analyzed more than 2000 projects and what they found is a major concern. In fact, it should flash bright caution lights in every new home buyer’s face. It’s unlikely, as […]

How Will Covid-19 Impact the Atlanta Real Estate Market?

Covid-19 will impact the Atlanta real estate market. Impact it, not crash it…let’s all breath for a second. The world is connected and this is a hit on the global economy, the only questions are for how bad and for how long? The real estate hit is unknown at this point, but with over three […]