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What do Rising Mortgage Rates Mean for the Real Estate Market?

What do rising mortgage rates mean for the 2019 real estate market? Well around Atlanta, we’re already getting a feel for that. Expect the real estate market to find balance; rising rates will impact buyer actions and force sellers to realistically price homes. The frenzied approach of buyers should largely disappear; replaced with measured decisions. […]

Fall doors decorating with planters

19 Creative Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Door

Creative Fall Decorating Ideas   We have found the most creative fall decorating ideas that will surely make you swoon. Traditionally autumn is the time for bold color displays and we love to see these vivid colors combined with natural elements, neutrals, and a variety of textures.  Whether you prefer an understated style or decorate […]

What is an ibuyer ?

The ibuyer Pitch – Sell your Home Faster and Easier?

The iBuyer pitch is familiar, sell your home faster and easier. This tag line is all but certain to command the attention of home sellers. Technology has helped to transform the home selling process; now a wave of “iBuyer” companies look to continue the trend. But the iBuyer pitch is an old, familiar one; new […]