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17 Fall Decor Ideas

17 Fall Decor Ideas guaranteed to inspire! The Atlanta area FINALLY has some cooler weather, so we are ready with pumpkins, wreaths, all all sorts of fall and Halloween decor!  Fall Decor Ideas for your Home Photo via Melissa Gerstle Why not have a pumpkin patch in your front yard!  Designer Melissa Gerstle gathered Pumpkins […]

2020 Atlanta Real Estate Market

The 2020 Atlanta Real Estate Market

While predictions are just that, I think it’s safe to say that the 2020 Atlanta real estate market will best be described as “compartmentalized challenges”. Every real estate market is different; each is comprised of micro markets defined by price, age, school districts, design and a myriad of other factors. It is irresponsible and disingenuous […]

What do homeowners need to disclose when selling their home

What do Homeowners Need to Disclose When Selling their Home?

What do homeowners need to disclose when selling their home?  In Georgia, home sellers are not required to complete any type of seller’s disclosure form. There are, however, state-mandated disclosure obligations. Some buyers fail to understand what to expect and what is required to be disclosed by home sellers. Georgia places the burden of researching a […]