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The Turbulent Atlanta Spring Real Estate Market Arrives Early

The turbulent Atlanta spring real estate market arrived early. We expected a tumultuous spring ’18 market, we’ve not been disappointed. Time has condensed; what we expected to happen over the first six months has started early and is moving faster than expected. The impetus for this – strong economy, volatile stock market, fears of inflation […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a Home

Avoid these mistakes when buying a home; if made, they they will be problems down the road. Every buyer will become a seller – and likely much sooner than expected. The idea of buying and living in one home for 20 years left with the “gold watch – one career job”. This is a “gig […]

The Atlanta Area Real Estate Market Heads into 2018

The Atlanta area real estate market heads into 2018 with several significant differences from the national market. The national reports are consistent with a major drop in inventory; “a shortage of homes” has been the cry for a few years now. However, we look at the six major counties that comprise the “Atlanta” market; none […]