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75+ years of combined experience. Expertise in every aspect of marketing, appraising, negotiating, legal & general counsel

The collapse of the real estate market and continued economic malaise has created significant fiscal problems for thousands of Atlanta homeowners; simply put, many can no longer afford to stay in their homes. As a result, impacted homeowners are faced with default, foreclosure or an attempt to negotiate a short sale or deed in lieu, all daunting tasks with monumental financial consequences. Some owners can mitigate the damage, the key is to work with full time professionals and contact them at the first sign of trouble. The Hank Miller Team and Windward Law Group are that team. While no two cases are the same and success cannot be guaranteed, the unparalleled experience of this team will give you the best opportunity. Read what home sellers had to say about using Hank Miller to list their home.

Why Contact Us

  • Expertise in every area.  Clients are not working with a real estate agent trying to learn as you go, do everything and maybe get a few things right. Instead, clients will have experts working for them in every aspect of the transaction. When issues arise, and they will, they are addressed quickly and professionally so that the file never lingers.
  • No upfront costs.  Owners in distress are vulnerable to any number of scams that require money upfront to help with short sales. Working with this team requires no upfront payment, if a file is accepted the fee for services is paid as part of the resolution. There is no reason to pay anything upfront.
  • Focus.  Every member of the team has a specific role. Hank will appraise, market and negotiate the offer on the home. Once negotiated, the contract is passed to Frank for often grueling and lengthy negotiation with the lender(s). During this period, Hank and Dale are involved as/if needed. Once accepted, Hank is then brought back to work with the buyer and get the home to closing. Dale will complete all legal work, close the home and ensure that all post closing legal matters are handled.
Agents alone simply cannot match the success rate of this team – all at no cost to the owner

The Team

  • Hank Miller - Working full time in real estate since 1989, Hank is both a certified real estate appraiser and associate broker. He has consistently ranked at the top of the Atlanta real estate market in terms of production over the last several years and runs a team of agents. He is an active foreclosure appraiser that works the entire Atlanta market and has founded and operated large appraisal firms in both NY and GA. Completing several hundred appraisals a year and working with buyers and sellers all over Atlanta results in an exceptional understanding of this market. Hank is frequently referenced in both local and national media regarding Atlanta real estate trends and appraisal issues.
  • Dale Jackson - Dale handled his first real estate closing in 1982. He soon became an innovator in the real estate sales agent arena by developing his concept of the real estate agent representing the home buyer, which has become known all over Georgia as “Buyer’s Agents.” Dale founded Jackson and Hardwick, and was its Senior/Founding Partner for 11 years until its sale. The firm has been merged into the largest real estate firm in the southeast. In 2003, he worked with local business leaders to organize the Century Security Bank. Once the bank opened, Dale turned his sights back to private practice and founded Windward Law Group, providing experienced and knowledgeable real estate law representation at an affordable rate.
  • Frank Torch – Frank specializes in helping clients navigate the path of a short sale transaction. Before focusing on short sale resolution, Frank spent over 20 years in the mortgage industry as a mortgage broker. He is an educator in the business, with 13 years as a nationally certified instructor and current instructor for mortgage licensing and continuing education classes. As a non-lawyer consultant, Frank is highly trained and experienced in understanding what lenders require for short sale approval. He knows the business inside and out and speaks the language; while this doesn’t guarantee success it certainly dramatically increases the odds. Frank has an exceptional track record due to his knowledge, organization and communication skills.


Please feel free to contact us VIA EMAIL or by phone at 678-428-8276 with any questions.

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