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Targeted Marketing.

We know the market, the technology & the buyers but most of all, we know happy sellers.

  • Appraisal level prelisting research
  • Cutting edge technology ensures exposure
  • Buyers targeted directly, not just agents
  • Expert contract review to close loop holes
  • Appraisal issues simply do not occur
  • Responsive to inquiries anytime, anywhere
  • Hands on “team” approach

HMT is a full time – full service team.
 100M+ in volume & near as many happy clients.

Why use the Hank Miller Team to sell a home?

Hank Miller is an associate broker as well as a certified appraiser with the SRA designation. Since 1989 real estate has been his full time business and the level of expertise provided to clients in both the sales and appraisal field is largely unrivaled. Hank has sold hundreds of homes and consistently ranks in the top 2% of all Atlanta agents since 2006. He has appraised and reviewed well over 10,000 more. This team has full time listing agent, media coordinator and closing coordinator and utilizes professional photography, drones, SEO friendly narratives and more. Most importantly, the team is “hands on” and understands the responsibility inherent in listing a home.

Accepting an opportunity to list your home is not taken lightly; we understand the expectation and are committed to your success. The parent firm, Atlanta Communities Real Estate, has 5 fully staffed offices in metro Atlanta. A collection of experienced brokers appraisers, lawyers and similar full time professionals closes thousands of contracts every year. Rarely will a challenge arise that someone hasn’t experienced, and if it does the experts available find a solution.

What makes an agent competent and experienced?

Personal production, the more the better. Google them. Run them on Zillow, look for volume and look for testimonials. Are they active on sites, writing articles and blogging? If they don’t have a strong internet presence, neither will your home. Over 65% of sales come from the internet and 98% of buyers start their search on line. That number is exponentially growing annually, don’t miss it. Selection of a competent, tech savvy agent is the single most important aspect of selling a home.

Ask for a copy of their PERSONAL volume over the last two years. Agents are trained to answer that question with company or team volume – INSIST on seeing their personal volume, this is easily accessible from the MLS or their broker.

Request and CALL references. Ask what they liked and didn’t like, ask if the agent was readily available and responsive, ask if the agent took control and ensured that their best interests were always paramount.

Selling a home is a business transaction, treat it like that. Done right, this business looks mundane and boring; but when things go wrong, they tend to go wrong in big and expensive ways.

Does the real estate company matter?

You are hiring an agent, not a company. The agent, not the company is your point of contact and your representative. They research, price, advertise, negotiate, handle issues, monitor and represent you. All major firms insist that agents trumpet “the brand” but the agent, not the company is directly responsible for your success or failure.

A word about discount firms and the “list for less” idea. The business model of these firms is based upon using listings as “bait” for buyers; they take listings to attract buyers as that is the business model – and it’s a fantastically productive one for the company. Sellers are pretty much left to their own devices and usually end up with an expired listing. Buyer agents tend to view these homes with a high degree of skepticism for many reasons. Often, these homes languish and the stigma that develops impacts them for a long time.

How do you price a home?

We don’t determine sale price, only the market (buyers) does. We will evaluate your home like a buyer will, noting the positives and negatives. We will then analyze your home like an appraiser will. Using the same exact methodology and software we will establish an indicated range of value based upon the market. Of course we’ll be as optimistic as possible and will adjust as/if needed, depending on what the market tells us. We will also meet the appraiser on site, talk shop and provide them the exact data they require – we do not have appraisal issues.

We will strive for the best possible price while recognizing the data. It’s critical to be cognizant of the fact that overpriced homes will be passed over by buyers; they will languish. It’s critical for sellers to acknowledge the data as both the buyers and eventually, the appraiser will.

How do you target market homes to buyers?

We market directly to buyers as well as agents; from 2012 through mid 2014, 55% of our sales were as a result of buyers finding our listings outside of the MLS. We determine the most likely buyer and create an ad campaign that attracts their attention. We use professional photography, targeted key words, compelling narratives, curbside text options and we provide the information that piques their interest.

Enhanced listings are placed where buyers are looking; Zillow, Trulia, and all other syndicated sites. They are posted to the Atlanta Communities site as well as fed to every other company in the FMLS and GAMLS. Additionally, they appear on our sites and on all major social media sites where they are frequently updated to remain relevant.

Most importantly, when buyers call, email, text or make any contact, we answer. We understand their expectation of immediate gratification…and we accommodate that.

How do you market to agents?

Every listing is fully developed before it is entered into the MLS; pictures, narratives and all associated documents are completed. Everything is entered at once so the complete listing is introduced to the market. We compile a list of the top BUYER agents in area and we email flyers or bulletins to them weekly to stay top of mind. We also keep the listing updated weekly to ensure it’s broadcast on all auto email lists.

We assist buyer agents however needed to sell the home. We provide supporting data, market studies, detail sheets and even suggested points to make with their client. We are proactive and do what is needed to get the home under contract. There have even been occasions where we write a “reverse offer”; whatever it takes.

What is the listing process like?

We are candid and pragmatic in our assessment of your home. We do not look to list homes to see signs in a yard; we do not misrepresent the data. We look to secure the maximum price, with as little disruption, in the shortest time possible. Sellers don’t always like what they see but the data has a significant impact on how the listing plays out.

We do not list and leave, a full time agent serves as our listing coordinator. Traffic on line and through the door is monitored, candid feedback from agents is solicited and data is reviewed data every second week to ensure we’re property situated. The listing period is active and fluid as we strive to land the best deal for you.

Once a contract is submitted, it is reviewed in writing and discussed. Loopholes and potential weak points are noted and eliminated or reduced as much as possible. We meet the appraiser on site and provide him the data needed to support the offer; we do not have appraisal issues. We negotiate just about everything and keep you informed every step of the way. We know what to look for and how to keep your interests protected at every turn.

How do you handle problems during the contract?

As much as we try to stay ahead of challenges, occasionally they arise during the course of a contract. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen over the last 25 years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t seek advice. Having the availability of so many full time experienced professionals (brokers, lawyers, contractors, appraisers, surveyors…) often keeps small issues from becoming larger ones.

Communication is critical when challenges arise and we will always ensure that clients are fully involved with everything that occurs. Although rare, as/if needed, we will bring in experts and seek their counsel. That said, almost all issues can be resolved between the agents and buyer and seller; give the common objective solutions are usually found to most problems.

Remember…this is business.

The internet has empowered home buyers, changing real estate more in the last 5 years than in the last 20. This is an “immediate” environment, we want everything and we want it now…and so do those home buyers. We know the internet, the technology, where to place our listings and most of all, how to get buyers interested in them. We also know how to price them, present them, manage them and keep our sellers contractually sound. That’s because we’re full time pros, this is all we do. Remember, this is business so don’t settle. Get and stay educated by reading our SELLER BLOG POSTS.




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