Sell Your Home

Selling a home in Atlanta in the current market can be a challenging endeavor. An infinite number of variables will influence the outcome, not all can be prepared for. However, if the three major factors are in order, success is often found. Those three elements are PRICE – EXPOSURE – APPEAL; all critical and each must be in balance.

This balance is achieved with HMT. From 01/10 to 012/13 our average sale to list price ratio is 98.8% and average days on market is 52. We contact or meet every appraiser to ensure there are no appraisal issues, we do not list and leave. See what our sellers say.

Price, Appeal & Exposure are critical factors to successfully selling a home

A strong case can be made that the single most important factor is PRICE; it is also the sole aspect completely in control of the seller. The market cares not about what a seller “needs to get”, what “they have in it” or “what they think”. The market cares only about what comparable properties have very recently sold for. Coincidentally, that is the same thing that the appraiser that will care about – and they will be completely disinterested in everything except attempting to validate the contract price.

Effective and widespread EXPOSURE cannot be overstated. Buyers want information immediately; if they fail to get it they are likely to move on. Agent responsiveness is critical here as well – AGENTS MUST ANSWER THEIR PHONE AND RETURN EMAILS WHEN RECEIVED!

The home needs to have great APPEAL. Current buyers expect homes to be in move in condition. Gone are the days of rolling repairs into mortgages, underwriting no longer permits that. Many buyers don’t typically have the funds for updating as this now means cash out of pocket. Buyer expectations are high, homes that are selling meet them. If the home requires work, it must be accordingly priced.

Buyers find almost half of their homes without an agent, listings must be compelling and easy to find

Buyers recognize value, even in difficult markets. HMT understands how to properly position sellers so that they attract the attention of both buyers and agents. Keep current by reading the Home Seller and Market Conditions posts for the latest trends. Read what home sellers had to say about working with Hank Miller


A competent listing agent is vital to successfully selling a home in Atlanta. There are far too many ineffective agents; many lack the ability to be forthright and candid with potential clients. Many tell clients what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear, just remember that the market is always right and always has the final word.

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