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As everyone should know at this point, national and regional real estate market reports ARE NOT ACCURATE. Such reports are essentially worthless, but still the media spin continues to be applied by realtor organizations and the administration. Inaccurate and manipulated reports have been identified over the last several years as this economy languishes. Is it “Always a Great Time to Buy”? According to the National Association of Realtors (and their mouth piece agents) it is – and that’s perfectly illustrated by this NAR ad in the midst of the historic collapse.

HMT is not a NAR drone; our appraisal roots constantly place us in the data. We work at the “micro market” level and utilizes more appraisal data and resources than most offices have. This is collected, analyzed and explained to a level that other agents simply cannot match. Good, bad or neutral; we report and explain the trends in an unbiased manner. The advantage is obvious; knowing the trends and conditions for a specific micro market allows for confident decisions.

The links below show median value trends for the specific areas. Broken down by zip codes and price points, multiple graphs show a three year look back; this data is revised weekly and free email updates are available for over 100 zip codes. Find out what you don’t know, let HMT give you the competitive edge that others lack.


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