The Best Areas for Investors Around Atlanta

Heads up for you wanna be Atlanta investors; calm down. ATTOM completed a report card showing the best areas for investors around Atlanta. Spoiler alert; no great news inside Atlanta proper where almost all areas receive a “D” or “F”. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise; during the last boom/bust we appraised thousands of homes lost by “investors”; many multiple times as they torpedoed rookie buyer after rookie buyer.

This is good info and consistent with what we see supported by the data. As the “flipping” and “get rich in real estate” scams continue, it’s best to slow it down. These are shark infested waters and the successful investors have big teeth, thick skin and deep deep pockets. Zoom into the Atlanta area on this chart, have a look at the various zip codes. Understand the investment game before diving in, it is not for the faint of heart. Have a look at a few of the homes we appraised that we bought by investors – Cat Crap Fever,  Mold, Vandalism & Squatters and The Dirty Diaper Dump. If don’t think this is still going on, well…best of luck.


READ THIS: The ATTOM Data Solutions 2017 Neighborhood Housing Index analyzed more than 5,000 U.S. zip codes for seven factors impacting neighborhood quality: home price appreciation, affordability (price to income ratio), school scores, crime rate, unemployment rate, environmental hazard risk, and property tax rate, with double weight in the index given to school scores, crime rate and affordability. The analysis also included average home flipping returns in 2016 and potential 2017 annual gross rental returns based on median sales prices and average fair market rents, although those two factors were not included in the final index score.

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