Are You Hot or Not? Good Looking Agents Better At Selling Homes

Very Hot and Successful Atlanta Real Estate Agent

I was way ahead of the hotness curve on this one. Back in 2/11 we revealed studies that indicated that Good Looking Agents Sell More Homes and now the industry is playing catch up. I was moved by the article titled ” I Wasn’t Going To Buy This House Until I Saw The Realtor’s Headshot On The Sign” and after reviewing that, I knew this was a topic that we had to comment upon. And now the rest of the pack finally gets wise to what we already know….as reported by Business Insider:

A recent study in Applied Financial Economics explores the relationship between how beautiful an agent is and how quickly he/she sells a property and for what price.

Thankfully, the econ blog Big Think broke down the hellishly scholastic-sounding “Broker beauty and boon: a study of physical attractiveness and its effect on real estate brokers’ income and productivity” into comprehensible language, and turns out the research contains a few interesting quasi-facts.

Of course, the points below are either believable or guffaw-able, depending on, say, personal experience, price point, and geographic market. Have an opinion of your own? Leave it in the comments. Here goes:

1  Male agents (representing both buyer and seller) tend to rep houses with lower prices.

2  Beautiful agents tend to yield higher closing prices.

3  Good news for those trying to sell your home: “the effect on house prices of having an attractive listing agent is about twice as large as that of an attractive selling agent.”

4  Just because your selling agent is attractive doesn’t mean that your property will sell faster; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You might learn to be patient and soak up all that extra time spent in the presence of hotness.

5  In terms of commissions, pretty agents tend to sell at higher price points but sell fewer properties than their, ah, uglier colleagues.

Racial bonus round: “The study also finds that non-white listing agents are associated with lower final prices and both non-white listing agents and selling agents are associated with longer times on the market.”

I’m deeply involved in researching other theories -

1. What goes up must come down

2. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

3. It’s a man’s world

more as I know it…



  1. Bob Wilson

    This is an important question, but you failed to answer it. You have a photo of a lady whose not attractive in the photograph, but could be attractive when dressed and looking smart, so we need to ask “Whilst dressed like this and dealing with clients dressed exactly like this does she out-sell and perform better than others”. You describe her as very hot and successful which is rather ambiguous.

    I would say that this lady is ideal for dealing with blue collar workers and needs to be kept working blue collar worker areas, and the chances are that when taken elsewhere she may fail. The other thing you need to consider is – is she an *hustler/worker, and how much hustle or push does she put into every hour of her working days [She does have hustlers eyes] It stands to reason that an ugly woman might well play on her lack of attraction to gain an audience with buyers, and she knows her clients who are not film stars themselves – relate to her strongly.

    Finally, to answer your last question: In life we make decisions, scoring the important decision we are right 50% of the time, and wrong 50% of the time. More often than not the reason we are wrong is we allow our emotions and sympathy for others to influence our decision making process. If we didn’t allow sympathy to intrude then we would not consider ourselves to be kind, gentle, attractive and fair, so we deal with ugly people better and kinder than you would expect because ‘they shine through the chinks in our self-imposed personal barriers and appeal to us.

  2. Bob Wilson

    You posed these questions:

    1. What goes up must come down

    2. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

    3. It’s a man’s world.

    My reply: Who cares what goes up must come down, in real estate we are talking new, modern, traditional, attractive they are the ups, the downs are lack of maintenance, depreciation, slum areas, market shifts, or outright lack of appeal. Lets leave it at: 50% of the time you get a bargain and good deal, and Mr Buyer 50% of the time you don’t, so you decide?

    * Unless you study and read to add something to ‘how little you know’ you’ll lack wit, spontaneity, intelligence, and the right answer at the right time,
    and in sales it’s highly unlikely you will know enough people to feed a cat with the commission/s you’ll earn from them, so you got to get out and ask, ask, ask, How, easy you have two hands, use one of them to knock on doors, to open doors, to meet people, to pull people up and ask them “Are you considering moving soon and putting your home on the market”, about 1 in 20 will say yes, so convert them into sales or firm instructions. Use your hands and feet in sales, not your impeccable grooming and winning smile?

    Its a mans world. In some respects it is, but woman can join the winners circle by thinking how can I outsmart this sales guy in my office? Easy: Most men only work 2 hours a day between the hours of 9 to 4, they like time off, like to drink, have hobbies, want to go on breaks including fishing trips, they might even be drugged out of their silly little minds some days, so all you have to do is avoid their faults and bad work habits, work for 6 hour day, take less days off, and HUSTLE FOR CLIENTS and you have beaten them. The real competitions in sales is a winner vs a winner, not a winner vs an amateur or part-time hobbyist.

  3. Hank Miller

    Insightful observations Bob. I didn’t answer he question because there is no answer; define good looking…..

    In fact, this agent is one of the top in Manhattan and opened an office in SF about two years ago. I think I recall her average transaction is in the 1.1M range and she is very popular with athletes and entertainers. This photo is reportedly a tabloid “gotcha”, I heard that this was shot during a hotel emergency late at night. She is in fact a very attractive woman when dressed for work. This is a rare combo; attractive woman with the backbone to “run with the guys”…remember Leona Helmsley?

  4. Bob Wilson

    Hank, here’s a true story. I was in business, in the building game working in clients houses. An hard job, and you needed to second guess was the client particular, fussy, demanding, and would he pay his bill without argument. Like most companies we sweet talked clients, and to add+ to our image when we recruited staff they had to be clean, presentable, charming, not common, rude or impolite and look good. Thinking back we were hiring racehorses not cart pulling horses.

    My biggest problem was our ‘cultured workers’ had this thing about ‘they could always get another job, so working for us was no great deal’. What I noticed was the workers I did not like, who were shall we say the least attractive worked harder, loved the fact they had a ‘real job and were well paid and tried harder. Maybe they knew getting another job was for them difficult and they had learned this fact of life the hard way by long spells of unemployment.

    One day I was interviewing for new staff and was rather browned off [pi-ssed off would be a more truer expression] so I threw all the good looking men off the interview list, said No, No, No to anyone who looked as if he’d been to Harvard or Princeton and hired a team of bums, with this one stroke of inspired inspiration I had just cured our staff turnover problems, found the best bunch of reliable workers we had ever had and my business started to hum. Please make of this what you want, your turn to play psychiatrist but be warned all people have hidden agendas and knives and daggers. PS: Your Atlanta sales lady photo, how about pulling it this pic, it demeans the lady involved and she is a fellow sales professional, maybe another picture of her exists? If she’s a success good-for-her, in fact blessings-on-her-head-mazeltov, mazeltov. Bob, Leeds, England.

  5. Bob Wilson

    Hank: We all have The Queen of Mean in our psyche, she’s inside us only she got caught and the NY tabloids crucified her. I have met dozens of Queen Leona, I cut the sales talk to and tell them “We are very busy, our order books full, and imply if she does not behave herself and be suitably impressed by this often untrue statement then she can include us out”.

    Leona ruined her husband Harry Helmley, he was a nice guy who had learnt the NY commercial real estate business as a rent collector. It was his meeting with Lawrence Wein,a lawyer who made them both billionaires. Remember a few posts back I said read, read, read, and gain back up sales knowledge, well these few words about Wein prove what I said and they come in handy if I’m talking to a Judge, a Police Officer or buyer/sceptic. I use unimportant bits of educational nonsense to impress buyers. When I add all these bits of useful or useless information into my sales patter I can marginally beat others at salemanship. Bear in mind my I live in England and the average USA real estate sales rep would never have heard of Wein or Helmsley, or dream of studying by reading to be top rep, or to score $$$$ goals. Sales is that sort of business all push and go, unless you want to sell Apples on street corners from a push cart. Bob. Leeds, England.

  6. Bob Wilson

    Reference Hanks quote ‘Whats goes up must come down:

    Can in sales terms be explained as coming under the sales persons Bible maxim: “Turn a disadvantage to the buyers advantage”: E.G.

    “Mr Buyer, lets look at this deal this way: 50% of the time you get a good deal, and 50% of the time you don’t,so you decide …. But before you do so please consider if you will ….*Now start selling the disadvantages in a property to the buyer* ….”You can see this property needs a man such as yourself…. who can take this property over, move in with a small fixer-upper crew …. and within a week or so, put-a-smile-on-its-face ….. Once you have modernized it to your standards then by my estimation your going to OWN quite a smart house, a really attractive proposition and investment, and a dependable income….

  7. Bob Wilson

    Hank, Urgent message:

    The photos of the alleged Real Estate Agents not a real one. Someones inserted a lady’s face over the terrorists Khalid Sheik Mohammads arrest photo, and it’s a joke at her expenses.

    For proof please see:

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