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What to Expect When Building a Home

It pays to know what to expect when building a home, it is nothing like buying an existing home. Once that contract is signed, you the buyer, become a passenger on the construction bus. A paying passenger, but one that has very little control over the process. Building a home can be a great experience […]


The Wild Swings of Housing Inventory Levels

Over the last two years there have been many explanations¬†presented to explain the wild swings of housing inventory levels. There’s also been no shortage of opinions about what the real estate market will look like come 2017. While the election will have some impact, there are predictable cycles of any real estate market. Variables impacting […]


Student Debt Hampers Home Buyers

Student debt hampers home buyers; it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. All debt impacts a home buyer; the insane cost of health insurance, rent, car payments, other personal debt and of course taxes. The obvious counter to this debt is not Mom and Pop’s couch in the basement, it is solid employment; something that the majority […]