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Atlanta housing forecast

The 2016 Atlanta Area Real Estate Market Forecast

We expect the spring ’16 Atlanta area real estate market to continue the strong seller’s market of the last few years. Things turned on a dime – literally – in the last quarter of 2012. A bottom was reached and the first two quarters of 2013 saw a meteoric jump in activity, prices and a seismic power shift to sellers. […]

home inspection

How to Keep Home Inspections Under Control

Home inspections routinely cause headaches, in some cases they can kill a deal. That doesn’t need to happen if expectations are properly set for both buyer and seller. No home, including a new build, will be perfect. Many defects can be spotted by an experienced agent, others need the eye of a skilled inspector. The trick is […]

discount broker video cover

Discount Brokers? Your Listing is Bait for Buyer Leads; Selling Your Home is not a Priority

Ultimately, discount brokers rarely end up saving sellers money. Should a home seller list “by owner” or with a “discount broker”? Maybe, but go in “eyes open” because in the end, selling that home is not the objective of the brokerage. Sounds crazy but that’s the case. And when a home does sell, many sellers find minimal […]