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Wire Fraud Hits Home

Wire fraud landed in our laps. We’ve been getting pounded with warnings about it consistently for the last few years, now we know to listen. Representing the sellers, we were passengers on this bus as it sailed off the cliff; not a good feeling. Lesson learned and lessons reinforced. The bulk of this applies to […]

Things to Consider Before Living on a Golf Course

Expansive and sweeping golf course fairways conjure up gentle breezes, swaying hammocks and glasses of sweet tea; what could be better out the back door? Well some say many things could be better. While that sales brochure picture applies some of the time, other times the peace and solitude is only on paper. There are […]

Is a New Home Better than an Existing Home?

Some home buyers might be faced with a simple question; is a new home better than an existing home? The answer is that there is no universal answer. There are however advantages to both new and existing homes. In some cases, they are obvious; but many differences are not so apparent. One of the biggest questions surrounds […]