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georgia private school

Public vs Private School…a look at the math

Schools and home values revisited yet again…A couple buying a $300,000 home will have effective monthly housing costs of $1,326. Tack on $912 a month more for private school tuition (the national average, for one kid), and now you’re paying $2,238 for housing and school costs every month — enough to buy a $520,000 home in the same neighborhood. According to...Read More.

Surprise! Rental Includes a Serial Killer’s Torture Chamber

In March, Catrina McGhaw moved into a rental. The house seemed fine except McGhaw claims her 2-year-old niece was playing in the basement when something freaky happened. According to CBS News, McGhaw told local station KMOV, “The child looked over … like she was scared. Like she saw somebody scared...Read More.

Median Home Values Across the North Atlanta Suburbs

These charts display median home prices in the northern arc of the Atlanta real estate market broken out by zip code. Providing a consolidated view of all price points, the charts allow for a broad snap shot look at housing prices over the last couple of years. Some...Read More.

How to Address Encroachments & Easements

One of the most common issues with real estate are boundary disputes. In GA there is no legal requirement for a survey when a property transfers, buyers have a due diligence period and any research must be done in this window of time. While most...Read More.

Home Seller Hit With $216K Fine for Disclosure Inaccuracies – Agent Hit Too

The courts ordered a seller to pay $216K for failing to disclose known defects in the home. The agent – representing both parties – is also in the cross hairs as the court said the agent and brokerage should also pay damages to the buyer for having...Read More.

murder kroger

Murder & Disco Kroger – Familiar Atlanta Stores

What’s in a name? Apparently familiarity. We looked into the case of “Murder Heights” a while back, but what about “Murder Kroger”? What’s behind that quite popular and somewhat revered nick name? One that the locals don’t want to change. And then there’s “Disco Kroger”...Read More.

“Spite Homes” – Built Just To Annoy the Neighbors or Family

The lengths some will go to just to irritate someone can be fascinating, unadulterated vitriol can lead to interesting projects. A “spite house” is a house built to irritate someone, often a neighbor or family member. Generally they are built to deny light or access to a road...Read More.

East Cobb Marietta GA Executive Home Sale

The Hank Miller Team has just closed on a fabulous 5 BR, 5 BA home in Marietta , located in the Pope School District.  Features included a professionally equipped kitchen with large center island, 3 fireplaces, luxurious master suite and private backyard. The fully finished terrace...Read More.

The Hardest Places to Live in the US

The NYTimes provides an interactive national map showing the “hardest” places (counties) to live in the country. Metro Atlanta does OK; Forsyth County does the best with strong showings from Cherokee, Cobb, Fayette and Gwinnett. Georgia and the southeast….well…. From the article: The 10 lowest...Read More.

A Buyer’s Agent is a Critical Part of the Home Buying Process

Do buyers “need” a buyer’s agent to buy a home? No. Is it smart to do it alone? No. The reasons why are many, as opposed to the two main ones for not using one – saving money and “I know the market”. Buyers will...Read More.