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Why Demanding the Best Real Estate Agent Matters

Almost all of what the real estate industry spits out is marketing nonsense; counterproductive for both the public and true professional agents. We found something that’s not and it is worth ten minutes of your time. Half of agents do not sell a home a  year and 85% of agents cannot live on their earnings, yet these agents hang around. This […]

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Seller’s Disclosures – Why Georgia Home Buyers Shouldn’t Place Too Much Faith in Them

Murder, violent crime, natural death, neighborhood sex offenders, meth labs…would these be things the average home buyer might be interested in learning about if they liked a particular home? If so, don’t expect any help from a seller; these and a long list of other things, are not required to be disclosed in Georgia. Things […]

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Home Prices Stay Hot in Alpharetta, Roswell & the North Fulton – South Forsyth Real Estate Market

Yes, the 400 corridor is a very strong seller’s market. How strong? Well since the market regained it’s pulse back in early 2013, the spring/early summer buying season of ’15 (to date) has been the best for sellers in the last ten years. This after a pretty robust 2014 that saw appreciation across all price […]