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pocket listings

Buyers & Sellers Should be Careful with Pocket Listings

The idea of selling a home without ever listing it can be appealing to many. Similarly, ringing the doorbell on the “perfect home” and finding an owner willing to sell can put a broad smile on a buyer’s face. The risks however, routinely make buying and selling “pocket listings” dangerous to a person’s financial well being; particularly for sellers. The...Read More.

Dual Agency is a Terrible Idea for Buyers & Sellers

Dual agency occurs when one agent represents both the seller and the buyer of the same home. The buyer wants to spend the least amount of money on a home; the seller wants to capture the highest price possible, neither benefits. The agent however, collects both...Read More.

Mad Men – Cost of Living Then vs Now

Mad Men has started it’s final season and answers an interesting question: how does the affordability of housing and the cost of living portrayed in Mad Men compare to today? They explored housing costs from the 1960s and how the costs of that era compare...Read More.

Home Buyer Review of Hank Miller Team

Alpharetta, GA Home Buyer Review of the Hank Miller Team Hank represented me in the purchase of a home that closed in April 2014. I would highly recommend him to my friends and I hope to have him represent me again in the future. Due...Read More.

2575 Milford Lane, Alpharetta, GA 30009…Another Happy HMT Buyer

2575 Milford Lane, Alpharetta, GA 30009.  HMT represented the buyer on this townhome that closed 03/2014 for $338,000 One of the “hottest” markets right now is Alpharetta. West off 400, “historic” Alpharetta has been transforming over the last several years. Filled with quaint shops and...Read More.

value in use 1

What is “Value in Use” & Why is it Often Different than “Value”?

The concept of what adds “value” to a home is at best, subjective. One buyer may place a high “value” on a pool while another may see that as a reason to eliminate the home from consideration. Price and cost does not always equal value...Read More.

HMT Buyers Close on New Home in East Cobb

2717 Barnhill Drive, Marietta, GA 30062.  HMT represented the buyer on this new home that closed 03/2014 for $727,329 The challenge of finding a quality home in East Cobb can be daunting, this hasn’t changed much over the last 20 years. East Cobb has been...Read More.

Why is it so Easy to Obtain & Keep a Real Estate License?

There may not be a better organized trade group than realtors. The real estate world collapsed in an epic way and continues the dead cat bounce, yet the agent community has experienced no significant change. Why has the sales community not been dismembered and regulated...Read More.

Home Values in Alpharetta, East Cobb & Roswell Over the Last Year…

There seems to be continuous discussion about areas and how they compare to one another. There is of course no”correct” answer as the true answer lies with the buyer; work works best for them. That said, it’s interesting to compare areas. Below are very popular...Read More.

7+ Reasons Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent for New Construction

It is foolish for a home buyer to enter into a new construction contract without an experienced real estate agent. The advantages are many; aside from the obvious ones. The fact that having buyer agent representation is often FREE cannot be repeated often enough. So...Read More.