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Tax Foreclosure Sale Splits Home, Owner Clueless

Everything is great until it’s not.  Finding out that half of your home was sold at a county tax foreclosure sale two years prior constitutes “not great”. That’s exactly what happened to a woman who’s home straddles the border of New York and Connecticut. When the owner contacted the town about putting in a shed, […]

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Are Real Estate Agents Necessary?

Are real estate agents necessary? We’re drowning in data…all kinds of data…about every conceivable topic. Whatever the question, Google, Bing or some other place on the web will have an answer. But with an abundance of data come challenges; how to determine credibility, how to understand it, how to organize it and how to apply […]

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How do You Define Neighborhood?

How do you define neighborhood? Are the terms neighborhood and market area synonymous? How are these defined? The answer is, not clearly or consistently. That definition is highly subjective and very important because value in real estate hinges on location; and location usually means neighborhood and neighborhood means….That definition can have have social, financial, educational, demographic and […]